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About The Wacko

I wanted to have a lure for backtrolling salmon eggs. I wanted to get action on the bait with buoyancy. It is a one-spoked wheel. A section of an auger, a lopsided spinning agitator.

The Wacko works as a blade fished behind all the up-to-date tackle methods. In front of hoochies and other baits. Regular trolling or backtrolling.

The Wacko comes with a scent strip on the back of its blade. The scent strip is designed for scent pastes. Smear and fish.

All lures come bare by default. Add Rigging for hooks and hoochie or beads for an additional fee.

[Utility Patent Pending]

Lure is buoyant. All lures have chrome flashing. Coins pictured are for size-reference and not included.